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…facts prove that 24% of female UK internet users do not shop online because of a lack of product information. This simply shows that once your products does not carry accurate and easy to understand information, it’s just a waste of time. 


If you happen to ask anyone about something they can’t purchase on line, here’s a possible response; Happiness. You can’t buy happiness on line but as regards almost every other thing, I bet you can get them on line. Various platforms exist for various products and certain platforms exist for all products, that’s the age we are in at the moment.

Everyone loves to be very comfortable, just lay in bed and get things done without doing nothing physically. If it’s possible to get someone to take a dump for us, that would just be the new thing. Due to growing demands of customers for ultra-convenience, e-commerce just meets our very needs.

Also, the needs of consumers don’t stop here, it’s not enough to create an e-commerce website, it has to meet and surpass acceptable standards. As a result, companies continue to innovate and deliver increasingly powerful features for their platforms.

Consequently, e-commerce completely transformed our living style, especially shopping trends. Individuals do not prefer to purchase any product online rather than visit a store down the road and wasting time there. Everyone is busy and have enough struggle to contend with, so they have to save the time that would have been wasted in that process.

So, e-commerce enables you to fit into your customer’s busy lives, offering the exact products they want, when they want them and also help them save time. While the process helps your customer, it also helps you in return to save labor cost and your time too.

Don’t you just love the Internet, it’s a life saver, very fast, easy and can reach customers anywhere in the world. In fact, the online shopping trend has become so popular that many vendors sell only online with no physical location.


Just so you know, apparels and accessories sales are the fastest growing sector in e-commerce; you should already know why this is so. Women are more curious about shopping & they love to purchase such things, they definitely shop way more than men.

In addition, facts prove that 24% of female UK internet users do not shop online because of a lack of product information. This simply shows that once your products do not carry accurate and easy to understand information, it’s just a waste of time. Hence, we provide the useful information & high-quality images to the customers about any product.

Here’s another fact, smart phones have overtaken laptops and tablets as UK internet users’ number one device. This fact is not exclusive to UK citizens, it applies generally. Therefore, it emphasizes the need to have an e-commerce website that is mobile friendly to maximize sales opportunities.

We are aware that SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the sure backbone for securing Internet data and it protects your sensitive information as it travels across the world’s computer networks. SSL is essential for protecting your website, because it provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your personal information.


To-Do List

  • Aggital offers an e-commerce solution with a user-friendly interface. Each tool is clear and easy to select desired options.
  • An extensive FAQ and customer support team makes a world of difference.
  • We have the needs of your customers in mind. Well-designed menus, filters, and sorting options will minimize the amount of time it takes to find a product and purchase it. We also make sure it doesn’t look messy, so your customers don’t bolt.
  • Implementation of freebies, smart deals, and free shipping helps (As you approve of course).
  • Working payment system icons and trust marks.
  • Social media links and live chats.
  • We make sure the design does not out shine the product.
  • Quality photos that accurately portray the products. Since your customers can’t see the product physically, they should be able to trust its validity.
  • Effective site-wide search
  • A 100% security.

All these features plus a host of other best e-commerce practices that would prosper your online business is what Aggital offers. We look forward to reading your brief.