Ella’s Beauty Lounge – Logo Design

Logo Design

Ella's Beauty Lounge - Logo Design

Ella’s Beauty Lounge is a beauty place located in the largest city in Nigeria, Ibadan.  According to our client’s description, it is your one stop lounge for that chic and sassy look you always need and they exist to provide classic ladies with a complete beauty package. Aggital was opportune to provide the perfect logo design to compliment the set standard.

However, their services include supply of customized pre-twisted braided hairs, quality human hair weaves, make-up products, beauty products, as well as various female accessories to complement your style. In addition, Ella’s beauty lounge covers your facial needs, manicure, pedicure, skin care, firm head gear {Gele} for your owambe and offer their customers a total body therapy.

Aggital works usually produce very standard logo designs that show exactly what the client want as well as what would attract the right customers. Initially, we offered a corporate identity service to a fashion designer who loved our output and referred us to Miss Stella, who also wanted a logo design for Ella’s beauty lounge.

Project Summary

Consequently, the brain storming session began after she filled Aggital’s questioner and of course, we had to include even the minutest details she wanted. This basically included well-rounded beauty and sauciness; considering the fact that it’s a feminine sphere. Hence, we mixed her requests with the exact content that would draw a productive traffic. Also, we provided a logo design that included feminine colors as well as a slick feature that would attract her targeted audience.

Our client wanted her customers to feel chic at all times and to keep smiling, so Aggital’s logo design had to produce a figure which every classy lady will love to be associated with. Our first brainstorming session ab initio, produced an iconic logo design that has a spa placed in a strategic spot. The design turned out nice but we eventually tried a typography with a colorful pearl design, which eventually captured her heart.

In conclusion, creating a logo design for Ella’s beauty lounge wasn’t entirely exhausting; getting the logo design to match our client’s taste was a little bit challenging though but she ended up loving the design. Right after producing a perfect iconic logo design, we decided to dig more and this meant more brainstorming.

At Aggital, we always try every possible way to get work done in order to arrive at the perfect destination. The design meets the ‘posh’ standard she wanted and has promoted our agency to a large extent.

What we did

  • Concept
  • Design Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Mocks