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BizBinge – Content Creation For An E-Commerce Store

BizBinge Content Creation

BizBinge provides an e-commerce solution which combines an online marketplace with a competent SAAS (Software as a Service) system that supports the administrative section of your business.

The online marketplace platform allows you connect with both new and existing clients. The e-commerce gives you an opportunity to create a digital storefront which removes the stress of building and marketing your own website.

Asides owning a digital storefront, you can connect with other businesses and benefit from a broader traffic, just like a physical mall.

Consequently, you can organize and customize your own storefront on the platform. It also allows you showcase your products and services, manage payment and connect easily with your clients.

It doesn’t end here, the available SAAS service gives you exclusive access to a set of tools for managing all kind of businesses across all sectors. This includes online direct client communication, invoicing as well as receipt and payment management.

With BizBinge, you don’t need to own a website for your business, each business is handled like the only one. If you have an existing website though, BizBinge allows you have a second customizable one.

BizBinge Content Creation

However, there are countless reasons why a blog is added value to a website, the benefits are inexhaustible. Asides the e-commerce platform, Bizbinge needed to provide valuable content that would help increase business knowledge of each customer.

The categories they provided were basically focused on business growth as well as BizBinge news that would be produced consequently.

More so, each blog post would require graphic illustrations to complement the article. Our task was to conduct detailed research as regards business topics and also produce images to enhance each blog post.

Based on BizBinge requirements, a blog post was to be produced every day of the week. This also came along with at least two images and each post was delivered accordingly.

If you need us to handle the blog section of your website, we’d be more than happy to partner with you. This would be a great time to send us a message.

What we did

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