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DJ Walkit Corporate Identity & Design

Business Card & Logo Design

DJ Walkit - Corporate Identity

Aboderin Ezekiel Olukunle is a multiple award winning DJ from Nigeria. He is popularly known as DJ WALKIT a.k.a. ‘Tha Dance Hall General’. ‘Walkit’ just as the name implies, signifies a disc jockey who claims versatility in all new school genres. He is not restricted to any specific genre, so his style of play has been tagged by many as ‘feel’. This is as a result of his ability to bring all kinds of music in one playlist.

Particularly, this attribute marked his uniqueness among his counterparts and also won him several awards. His DJ Services run through Nigeria, basically Lagos and he gives parties the pleasurable vibes they require.

Furthermore, DJ Walkit mixed his funky personality with professionalism. Our client is actually a banker that decided to spice up his personality by adding a trendy side to his personality collection.

Evidently, its working perfectly in his favor. In addition, he has successfully tagged his services as ‘party’s most essential kit’. Olukunle Walkit, as our client is popularly called, describes himself as ‘Lasgidi’s foremost DJ and banker’. This is obviously a coupled and smart identity.

Project Summary

Aggital worked in line with his theme to produce a corporate identity that suits his style and business. We were opportune to design a logo as well as a business card.

However, DJ Walkit  chose a specific picture he wanted on his business card, which actually made our job easier. The colors of his outfit and headset were very accurate. Our designer mostly used his discretion and infused similar colors to create a corporate identity for DJ Walkit. It appeared very quite colorful and trendy. In conclusion, we describe the whole process as granting a classic corporate identity to a classic personality with a classic business.

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