Thick Qwins Empire Roll Up Banner

Thick Qwins Empire Roll Up Banner Design Project

Roll Up Design and Printing

Thick Qwins Empire Roll Up Banner Design Project

You would agree with me that there are certain strategic ideas that can never go out of fashion. One of them is ‘Advertising’. When i mention ‘Advertising’, I actually mean ‘Strategic Advertising’. Various advertising techniques go along with various businesses and it also has a lot to do with the time, season and category of people you want to attract.

Among a host of advertising strategies, you can do it online, on television, through public speaking, newspaper ads, flyers, banners and most importantly, roll up banners.

People do read things, probably subconsciously at times, but the fact is they still read them. Whatever it is you stare at for a while, it finds a way to register in your mind. Similarly, people read stuff that are most especially big, like a billboard while taking a ride around town or maybe on an express. These things just get your attention all the time, especially the electronic billboards.

On a smaller scale, roll up banners, which is our focus, must have a very catchy logo, structure, color and design. Aggital made this possible for Thick Qwins Empire roll up banner.

However, they really read it if it’s got a good hook. Words like ‘GET FAT AS YOU LIKE AND STILL LOOK SEXY’ or ‘FATTEN UP AND SLAY!’ work(as regards Thick Qwins Empire roll up banner). Just tell me, who on this earth does not want to eat all they like and still slay? My guess is as good as yours.

Project Summary

Of course, our client didn’t want such captions on Thick Qwins Empire roll up banner, she simply needed her basic details printed as well as the logo. It goes a long way to supply customers with brief insight into products or services the company offers.

Furthermore, acquiring stand space at a conference, exhibition or trade show can also be quite expensive but the turn out can be awesome if your corner stands out with a best selling roll up banner.

Considering this fact, Aggital created a Thick Qwins Empire roll up banner with the purpose of snatching the attention of potential customers. For the simple reason that marketing is the primary purpose, it is designed to be positioned anywhere.

While waiting in a long queue, potential customers will be able to read her messages and get to know about her services. To a very large extent, this increases the credibility of the company.

What we did

  • Concept
  • Design Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Mocks