Otefia Iruoghene

Iruoghene Sylvester Otefia

Content & Copywriter
2 Years
+234 805 439 6345
+234 812 819 5708

Personal Information

Otefia Iruoghene Sylvester is a content creator, copywriter and SEO professional who is mad keen and tremendously assiduous about top-notch quality, well articulate with research and resolute about scheduled delivery.

Iruoghene is quite eclectic in his journey as a content, copy and SEO professional and has an ardent desire to delve into other areas of ICT in a little while.

Technical Information

Iruoghene works as our writer (SEO, content and copy), and has been able to deliver optimized content that has given us an edge even in the writing space. He also assists in a few digital marketing projects.

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