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driving creative improvement for the digital age.

We are a team of young, dedicated & creative experts aimed at


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Web Design Agency Nigeria

Aggital Works is a professional web design agency Nigeria. We are a team of young, dedicated and creative professionals aimed at driving creative improvement for the digital age. We exist to provide sustainable digital solutions to both new and existing businesses.

Nigeria is located in the western part of Africa and it’s the most populated country in the continent as well as the 8th most populated in the entire world.

One interesting fact about Nigeria is her multi-ethnicity; Nigeria is home to over 250 ethnic groups and tribes, so much that a good number of Nigerians are oblivious of them. The country also comprises of 36 states.

In addition, the black populated country is very keen on religion. Although the government is not particularly “Islamic”, the people run most of their affairs based on religious doctrines.

One crucial aspect of our service is Website Design & Development. Regardless of the service you require, either a new website or your old one refurbished, we run a web design agency Nigeria  that can meet your brand’s need.

Unlike other web design agency, Aggital is both customer and developer-centric. We don’t just write codes, we see the project from a customer perspective and not just from a developer’s angle.

Consequently, we work simultaneously with every client; we develop projects on a live server in order to allow a client see the website (in real-time) as the development progresses. Contrary to the best practice (of a web design agency Nigeria), the client can monitor every move as it goes and this helps curtail a lot of bureaucracies in the project.

After completing each project, we deliver all login details and source codes to our clients, Aggital sees are a proprietary asset of the client.

As a web design agency Nigeria, we do not compromise our standards in any service provided and we also improve our deliverables based on customer feedback.  More so, we provide a one month free support after handover, this is one key aspect of our brand promise.

Aggital also runs a web hosting platform, visit aggitalhosting.com to purchase an affordable hosting package.

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Web Design Agency Nigeria

Web Design Agency Nigeria

You can also visit Aggital Hosting to purchase an affordable hosting package.

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