Attire Quest Website Design

Our young folks love to rock Agbadas but in most cases, they prefer something simple life Kaftans (Check out some examples at the Attire Quest Website). The Kaftans don't have layers, they are just straight, stylish and don't need an extra hand.

Well, we got the opportunity to design a website for one of the best Kaftan House in Lagos - Attire Quest. Since we can now purchase a Kidney online, they wanted to offer their customers the luxury of placing orders for their preferred Kaftan from absolutely anywhere.

At Attire Quest, the core priority is to provide each customer with the best masculine and most fitting designs. Our client understands the endless sacrifice some men put into fitness. In turn, they are committed to equipping every man's closet with stylish attires.

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Project Summary


As an e-commerce platform, Attire Quest Website (which would be visited anytime) has to be absolutely responsive. If a customer has the tiniest challenge using the website, that would mean a high bounce rate. So we made sure it’s appealing to the eyes, easy to navigate, compatible with all devices and loads really fast.

Asides the purchasing options, we designed a blog on the Attire Quest Website too. Of course, you can’t keep wearing kaftans every day of the week, so you can check the blog which carries content that would generally boost your fashion knowledge.

Our designs are not regular, they are extra. You can check what we did at and also contact us to get your website ready in no time.

Our Approach


This involves detailed requirement gathering, wherein key information and functional requirements for the project are discussed and documented.

Design & Development

This stage involves crafting the look and feel of the website along side the build of the features/functionalities that were finalized in the planing phase.

Testing & Launch

This phase involves review of the site by the end user/client. This step provides an opportunity for clients to perform a test after-which project is launched
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