Does Brainstorming Work for You? Try the Rare Brain-Writing.

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Does Brainstorming Work for You? Try the Rare Brain-Writing

Can a brainstorming session ever get sexier? Everyone in your department is present and sometimes, other departments have to join, this is where your finest colleagues get to shine, right?

Let’s face facts, some people are quick-witted and on top of that, they’re good with words too. Because they possess these talents, they keep spewing ideas and eventually get all the praise during a brainstorming session.

On the other hand, some people are quite reclusive and only speak when they’re “specifically” required to. The talking turkeys, therefore, take all the glory and even if the other half of the room has the brightest ideas, we just never find out.

It’s a two-way thing, either the result of the session is always one-sided (more than half of the team is silent) or the session results in a few people bickering and finally, comes to an end.

In most cases (where there is less supervision), this is exactly what a brainstorming session looks like!

Have you ever heard about Conformity Pressure?

Let me explain.

During a brainstorming session, Melissa and Martin always dominate the meeting, they’re usually the first to give ideas. In the process they do almost all the talking, trying to expatiate their ideas and in the long run, everyone else is influenced by their actions.

This probably isn’t their fault and sometimes, they’re not trying to impress, they just happen to be extra-eloquent and really can’t help themselves.

What I mean here is that early ideas tend to have excessive influence over the rest of the conversation. You’ve probably been in a meeting where someone comes up with a brilliant idea first, and everyone else in the room is trying to appear smart.

There’s this standard the first person sets, you don’t want to mess it up by sounding like a douche, this definitely hinders you and everyone else from coming up with more potential solutions to the problem at hand.

Here’s the challenge, when one person is talking, you’re not thinking of your own ideas anymore, you’re subconsciously assimilating their idea. Agree or not, whatever ideas you’d come up with afterward will be molded by the first idea.

Does Brainstorming Work for You? Try the Rare Brain-Writing
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