School vs Education. 0.9.

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school vs education

Hello, everyone! How’s it going Still on school vs education. Let’s look at a new piece titled; What is School for? Enjoy!

School vs Education (New Piece)

What is school for?

Feel free to call me slow,

but, I spent 16 years going to school

and I still don’t know.

When I finished, I didn’t know how to do my own taxes,

purchase a home, or apply for a loan.

I didn’t know a thing about investments,

building credit or getting a job.

I graduated at the top of my class

and what did I have?

This fancydiploma to sit at home with my mom.

But luckily, they did teach me some important skills

like factoringtrinomials

and howmitochondriais the powerhouse of the cell.

I’m so happy I remember the Pythagoreantheorem

’cause, it helped me a lot.

Okay, I’m lying, let me stop,

because all the stuff they taught me, truthfully,

I forgot!

Mom (speaks to his mom hypothetically),

remember when you would ask me:

“What did you learn in school today?”

And I would say: “Nothin’ much,”

I wasn’t being modest.

The truth about it mom is I had already forgotten.

And it’s not just me, millions of students sing the same song.

school vs education

How many of you guys avoideye contact

with the teacher to try not to get called upon?

Afraid to raise your hand for fear of being wrong,

which proves that school isn’t anenvironmentforlearning

or building up the intellect.

It’s just a game you play for grades

and how many “As” you can collect.

But I guess,

what do you expect when the most commonly asked question in class is;

is this gonna be on the test?

Is this gonna be on the test?

See, if school really put learning instead of testing and memorizing

as the top standard,

then the letter “F” would not stand for “Failure”,

it will stand for, “Find Another Answer”.

We’ll stop here for now to continue in our next sequel.

Credit: Originally written and performed by Prince Ea.

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