Emorygreen Limited

Emorygreen limitedneeded a comprehensive website for the fast-growing company, they had what their ideal website should look like with different features and categories to enable users and customers to navigate the website with ease.

We got a call from the team at Emorygreen due to a referral from a customer and a friend to the team. Both teams had a long but concise phone conversation to get the project brief and concept of the business in question. Hence, Emorygreen got a questionnaire for reference and details.

Our website development team began the design and development of the website, keeping in mind the details and choice of design. As a result, Aggital designed a world-class website which was the ideal concept they had in mind.

The website was ready in less than a month.

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Project Summary

Emorygreen Limitedis a marketing communication company based in Atlanta Georgia, USA with a transformative approach to planning, media buying, activation and an innovative approach to planning events.

Event planning is one of their key strength as they have planned Rhythm of Love amongst others. Event Ticketing likewise is another arm of the business, Emorygreen limited is a platform where you can purchase tickets for a show online and have it delivered to you at your convenience.

Also, Emorygreen Limited is involved in assisting with your initial event brief through a skillful implementation of proven processes by ensuring your event designs are in form. The company has helped various brands with products activation which was successful and practically increased the sales of the products.

In addition, Unmatched creativity and extraordinary attention to detail, combined with professionalism and excellence in event planning and management is their track-record.

Hence, Emorygreen work as a team, collaborating on all facets of each event, ensuring seamless execution and excellent customer service.

Our Approach


This involves detailed requirement gathering, wherein key information and functional requirements for the project are discussed and documented.

Design & Development

This stage involves crafting the look and feel of the website along side the build of the features/functionalities that were finalized in the planing phase.

Testing & Launch

This phase involves review of the site by the end user/client. This step provides an opportunity for clients to perform a test after-which project is launched
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