Hannathon Network Website Development

Hannathon Network International Limited is a world-class company ingenuously committed to innovation, through capacity development and capacity building vis-a-vis conducting training programs, for the growth and success of the organizations they are privileged to work with.

To achieve this, the company aligns with top universities in the United Kingdom through partnerships to bring to play adequate experience and a wide network of resource persons. They converge to impact excellently in a globally competitive society.

Most importantly, as a part of the company's training which they organize outside the country, they undertake certain responsibilities which include visa facilitation, hotel reservation, and the likes. Visit Hannathon Network website to discover more.

Consequently, the capabilities of the company far outweigh their disabilities. Our clients are poised for work at whatever time. Naturally, they draw strength from working hard as a team. Hence, they derive contentment when customers are satisfied with the delivery of work.

Also, they have at their disposal several professionals that cut across a wide sphere of endeavors. The company has people on board who are in the business of constantly empowering people. Their dream is to bring empowerment and to create businesses that work.

Hannathon Network is a specialist company in marketing communication. So, they exist to take offload from the shoulders of their clients. Subsequently, our clients are aware that the challenges several corporate organizations face are not to train and retrain staffs, it is the ability to infiltrate those already trained.

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Project Summary

Firstly and most importantly, we always take our client’s requirement into consideration. So, we simply have to design the website to suit the company’s culture. As a result of the fact that the company is world class, we had to create the Hannathon Network website to meet international standard.

In conclusion, the project took a lot of brainstorming and research. We also can’t hold our-self back from admitting that it turned out to be one of our best development in which we are well pleased. Ranging from readable content to good picture quality as well as functionality, Hannathon Network website has got all the features.

This is one of the many proofs that our designs are not regular. You can visit our homepage to view more of our work at Aggital. Also, you can contact us and we will get your website up and running in no time.

Our Approach


This involves detailed requirement gathering, wherein key information and functional requirements for the project are discussed and documented.

Design & Development

This stage involves crafting the look and feel of the website along side the build of the features/functionalities that were finalized in the planing phase.

Testing & Launch

This phase involves review of the site by the end user/client. This step provides an opportunity for clients to perform a test after-which project is launched
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