Rescinding Roe… Biblical Response! 0.9

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rescinding roe v. wade

Hello everyone! How’s it going… I pray all is well. Still, on rescinding/overturning Roe from a biblical perspective, let’s continue where we left off. It is imperative to reiterate that this article addresses Roe v. Wade based off the tenets of Scripture, not based upon feelings, emotions, society or whatnot. Let’s get right to it.

So we left off talking about a few practical applications.

Continuance of Rescinding Roe

Backtracking a little bit, let’s talk a bit more about the eight asseveration which goes, “Jesus commands His church to accomplish the great commission, not to win a political election”. In the exact words of Roland Warren when he spoke to the congregation of a local assembly about the reason behind his passion for Care Net in relation to this asseveration on this issue of Roe v. Wade, he said, “One of the things that God started downloading into my brain when I started doing this work, a little over nine years ago, was that it was important for Christians to view the life issue through the lens of discipleship, so if you think that helping a woman and a man who is facing a pregnancy decision is good work, then all good works that Christians do should lead to discipleship.

I mean, if we are modelling Jesus, and you see when Jesus had folks come to Him for different needs, this one has too many demons, this one has too many husbands, too much money, too much pride, they all come to Jesus with these issues and He meets all of them at the point of their need and then He calls them into a discipleship relationship, and as I observe what was going on in sort of the pro-life community, and sins in terms of the response, what I realized is that Christians kind of instinctively see water for the thirsty, food for the hungry, clothes for the naked, home for the homeless through the lens of discipleship, an opportunity to make a disciple and a call, a good work that leads to discipleship, but when it came to compassion for the pregnant, it was a different perspective, people didn’t really see it in that way. We kind of thought, well, who should I vote for so that abortion is not legal or maybe provide material support… All important things.

rescinding roe v. wade

But if it’s good work to help someone who is facing a pregnancy decision, then it must be something that leads to discipleship and the church is the seed of discipleship, not the pregnancy centres. We do evangelism at pregnancy centres that lead to converts but we are not called to make converts, we are called to make disciples of Christ, teaching them to obey and live out all that Christ taught, this is the work of the church.

So life decisions which we all want, need life support, and I guess the last thing I’d say about that is just the insight that when you see someone facing a pregnancy decision or a girl who is involved in that process, ask yourself the question, “could it be that God is using this unplanned pregnancy so that she might become a disciple of Jesus Christ?”, the child growing on the inside of her needs to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, the guy who got her pregnant needs to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, you say well… Maybe you are stretching the theology there. Really

Think about Mary, Mary faced an unplanned pregnancy from a human perspective, and God used that unplanned pregnancy from a human perspective to one end that she would become a disciple of Jesus Christ, Joseph will become a disciple of Jesus Christ, you and I would become disciples of Jesus Christ. So when you help someone who is facing a pregnancy decision, you are retelling the most amazing true story that has ever been told.

You are anchored firmly in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I really believe that this moment is one that God has given the church to make disciples in that very unique environment, just transforming opportunity for us to view those who are facing pregnancy decisions as a mission field, the way we do other mission fields and to offer them hope, compassion and love, yes, but also a disciple, so that we are making sure that someone facing the pregnancy rather than a pregnancy centre, or whether they are in this church, that they see the church as a place that will offer them those things”.

He nailed it with those words. Everything we do as a church or as disciples of Christ, individually or collectively, should be geared toward not just making converts of Christ, but making disciples of Christ. This is Christianity… That every fibre of our being is passionate about the great commission.

By the way, Roland Warren has a book titled “Making Life Disciples”. It’s a great resource that is tailored to helping folks make disciples and view this issue that way. Click here to purchase it.

We’ll stop here for now. Hopefully, the next sequel is going to be that finale of rescinding Roe.

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