School vs Education. 0.3.

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school vs education

Hi guys! How’s it hanging at your end? We had to pause on the series for the honour of our country. That said, let’s get back. Still on school vs education, We’ll just continue where we left off. We left off telegraphing the last six lines that went;

“And then, after nights with a DEAD-MIND,

I then find myself in a queue of half-awake students,

zombies, waiting to hand in an assignment.

Maybe that’s why they called it a DEAD-LINE.

And then after three years of mental suppression and frustration,

my “proud mother” didn’t even turn up to my graduation“.

If you haven’t read the prequel, please do. There is a link to it at the latter part of this page. Anyway, let’s continue.

School vs Education (Continuance)

Now, I’m not saying that school is evil and there’s nothing to gain,

but all I’m saying is;

understand your motives and reassess your aims.

Cas if you want a job working for someone else, then help yourself.

But then that will be a contradiction

cas you wouldn’t really be helping yourself.,

you will be helping somebody else.

There’s a saying which says,

“if you don’t build your dream,

someone else will hire you to help build theirs”.

Redefine how you view education,

understand its true meaning.

Education is not just about regurgitating facts from a book

on someone else’s opinion to pass an exam.

Look at it, Picasso was created in creating art,

Shakespeare was educated in the art of all that was written,

Colonel Harland Sanders was educated in the art

of creating Kentucky Fried Chicken.

school vs education

I once saw David Beckham take a free kick;

I watched as his Adidas-sponsored boot

hit the patent leather of the ball at an angle,

which caused it to travel towards the skies

as though it was destined for the heavens,

and then, as it reached the peek of its momentum,

as though it changed its mind,

It switched directions.

I watched as the goalkeeper froze,

as though reciting to himself the laws of physics,

and as though his brain was negotiating with his eyes,

that was indeed witnessing the spectacle that was the leather swan

that was swooping towards it and then reacted,

though only a fraction of a millisecond too late,

And before the net of the goal

embraced the Fifa-Sponsored ball

as though it was the prodigal son returning home,

and the country that I live in erupted into cheers,

I looked at the play and thought,


Looking at David Beckham,

there’s more than one way in this world to be an educated man.


To read the prequel, click on here.

Credit: Originally written and performed by Suli Breaks.

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