School vs Education. 0.4.

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school vs education

Hello guys! How’s it going? Still on school vs education. This is another piece from the same spoken word artist on school vs education. It’s quite an exciting one. Enjoy!

Uhm… If you haven’t read the prequels, please do.

School vs Education (New Piece)

Right now,

there is a kid finishing Parents’ Evening

in a heated discussion with his mother, saying;

why does he have to study subjects he will never ever use in his life?

And she will look at him blank-eyed,

stifle a sigh, think for a second and then lie.

She’ll say something along the lines of;

you know to get a good job, you need a good degree

and these subjects will help you get a degree,

we never had this opportunity when I was younger”.

And he will reply:

“but you were young a long time ago, weren’t you mum?”

And she won’t respond,

although what he implies makes perfect sense

that society’s needs would have changed since she was 16.

But she will ignore him, grip his hand

more sternly, then drag him to the car.

What she doesn’t know is that

she didn’t ignore him just to shut him up,

she didn’t lie because they are just returning him from Parents’ Evening

and an argument in the hallway would look bad on her resume.

She won’t lie because she’d just spent

thelast one hour convincing a stern face

teacher that she would ensure that her child studies more at home.

school vs education


She will lie, simply because she does not know any better herself.

Although all her adult life,

she has never used or applied Pythagorean theorem,

Pathetic fallacy,and still does not know the value of “X”

She will rely on society to tell her that her child,

who has one of the sharpest minds in the school,

is hyperactive, unfocused, easily distracted and wayward.


How many equations, subjects and dates did you memorize

just before an exam never to use again?

How many “A” grades did you get,

which were never asked for when you applied for a job,

how many times have you remembered something

5 minutes just after the teacher said; Stop writing!”

Only to receive your results a month later to realize

that you were only one mark short of the top grade?

Does that mean remembering 5 minutes earlier

would’ve made you more qualified for a particular job?

Well, on an application form, it would have!

We all have different abilities,

thought processes, experiences and genes,

so why is a class full of individuals tested by the same means?

So that means Cherrelle thinks she’s dumb

because she couldn’t do a couple of sums,

and if this issue is not addressed properly,

it then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Then every school has the audacity to have a policy on equality.

Huh, the irony!

Let’s stop here, for now, to continue in the next sequel.

Credit: Originally written and performed by Suli Breaks.

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Have a great weekend guys!

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