Will Your Career Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence?

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Will Your Career Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence?

I recently watched a TedTalk on YouTube, about whether artificial intelligence will take our jobs or not. Based on my judgements, the speaker’s views weren’t completely accurate.

According to David Autor, he believes in a paradox which we barely hear about. Despite a century of creating machines to do our work for us, the proportion of adults in the US with a job has consistently gone up for the past 125 years.

The question is, why hasn’t human labor become redundant and our skills obsolete?

Just as I was scrolling down in search of other TedX videos, I stumbled upon a hilarious comment which I totally agree with. The guy was so sure about the fact that in 20 years from now, AI (Robot) will be on Ted explaining how wrong James Autor was.

With the pace at which machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data are going, we might just be getting paid to live in about 80 years from now.

I mean, if 80% of humans are jobless, the government might have no choice than to beg us to live so they could actually “rule” over “their kind”. But then, let’s not overlook the fact that these new inventions will also create new job opportunities.

I previously published an article about 10 careers that have been predicted to be irreplaceable by artificial intelligence, and I mentioned publishing another list of careers that will be replaced by AI.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

  • Waiters

In Sam and Cat, the Nickelodeon show starring the popular Ariana Grande and Janet Mccurdy, a robot was the waiter and it wasn’t a cast for the fun of it, the robots are real.

  • Customer Service Representatives

Companies are already using artificial intelligence to respond to customers majorly on Live Chat platforms.

  • Data Analysts

Software products such asAutomation Anywhere,DatamaticsandBlue Prismcan automate a range of clerical work. The systems can be trained by watching a human copy data from an Excel file and paste it into another data software tool.

Of course, humans will still be involved in training the bots as well as the highest levels of analysis, but the rote work, copying and pasting, sorting, reordering, will be done by bots.

  • Drivers

We already got Uber and Lyft,Waymo(backed by Google), Cruise (backed by GM), Intel and others are among those deeply invested in relieving drivers of their jobs. Trucks are not left out too.

  • Deliverymen

Starship, a six-wheeled cooler that can only be opened by the designated recipient (using a smartphone app), has been the recipient of substantial venture capital. Other key investors in this field includee-novia YAPEfrom Italy and Marble from San Francisco.

  • Security Guards

Robots fromSMP Roboticsare already monitoring properties with cameras and motion sensors. The firm also offers a version with solar panels, like the Mars rover, that allows extended service in remote areas, such as farms, parks, and golf courses.

When you visit some of the most protected airports in the world, you get scanned while you drive or walk in and will be intercepted if considered a threat.

Will Your Career Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence?
  • Proofreaders

  • There are proofreading softwares everywhere and with the likes of Grammarly and Microsoft Word’s simple spelling, proofreading won’t really be needing the service of a human anymore.
  • Receptionists

  • They can talk, walk, gather data and execute routine work. I don’t see why a receptionist will be paid to do all these things again.
  • Front-Line Soldiers

  • During America’s war on terror in Iraq, robot-soldiers in the form of weaponized drones were used by the U.S. Army to assassinate enemies.
  • Financial Analysts

  • Research has shown that AI could bemanaging 17% of total assetswithin the next five years, and the algorithms can process millions of data points in a split-second without missing a single detail. Can you beat that?
  • Chefs

  • A preview of how robots might send cooks packing is playing out at the CaliBurger in Pasadena. Flippy, a robot arm, is turning out hundreds of burgers each lunch shift. The technology was developed byMiso Robots of Pasadena, and its funders include Cali Group, the burger chain’s parents.
  • Another example of a chef robot was created using IBM’s Watson technology. Chef Watson can generate entirely new recipes from scratch, using a remarkable knowledge of taste chemistry and flavor pairings.
  • Farmers

  • Humans were replaced with tractors and other machines, so farming will probably be a “robot thing” soon enough.
  • Movie Stars

  • Among all the facts I read about, this one blew my mind. Hollywood has taken a liking to advanced CGI techniques that allow even deceased actors to be resurrected from the dead. A notable example is thePeter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin CGI resurrectionin Rogue One, which wasa Star Wars Story.
  • In the same 2016 movie, Carrie Fisher also appeared as the 21-year-old Princess Leia from the 1977 Star Wars film.

Other careers include;

  • Construction Workers
  • Inventory Managers
  • Telemarketers
  • Journalists
  • Factory Workers
  • Store Attendants

If you want to find out if robots will take your job, follow this link and don’t forget to tell us what you think about the future of humans using the comment section.

Happy Learning!

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