A Short Story on Emotions (Love & Time)

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love and time

Hello, people! How’s it hanging at your end‽ Let’s have a little story time, after all, it’s Friday today. Let’s look at a story titled; Love and Time. It’s a short but enjoyable read. So sit back, you can slouch if you deem fit, grab a bottle of drink, a cup of popcorn, and enjoy!

Short Story on Emotions (Love & Time)

Once upon a time, there was an Island, where all the emotions (feelings) lived. There was Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all the others, including Love. One day, it was announced to all the emotions (feelings) that the Island was going to drop downwards, in other words, the Island was going to sink. So all the emotions (feelings) made boats and left, except for Love. Love was the only one who stayed, you know how it is! When the Island is almost sunk, Love made a decision to ask for help.

She saw Richness passing by in a grand boat, so Love says, “Richness can you take me with you?”, Richness answers, “No, I can’t. I’ve got all of these gold and silver on my boat, there’s no place here for you”. So, Love decides to ask Vanity who also happens to be passing by in its magnificent and amazingly beautiful vessel, Love asks, “Vanity, please help me”, Vanity responds “I can’t help you Love, you know you are all weird and might damage my sublime boat”.

Furthermore, Love turns to Sadness, who’s nearby, “Sadness, let me go with you”. Sadness responds “Oh Love, you know I’m so sad, I just like to be by myself”.

While they were dialoguing, Happiness came whizzing past Love, she was so happy that she didn’t even hear Love when she called to her. Suddenly, there was a voice. “Come, Love, I’ll take you”, it was an elder. Blessed and overjoyed, Love forgets to even ask the elder where they are going. Anyway, when they eventually arrive on dry land, the elder goes her own way. Now realizing how much she owes the elder, Love says to Knowledge, another elder, “Who was it that helped me?”,

“it was Time”

Knowledge answers.

“Time!” Love’s confused. “Why will Time help me“, She asked, puzzled1

Knowledge smiles and with deep wisdom answers, “…because time is the only person that is capable of understanding how valuable Love is.

Now that’s profound!

That’s all there is to it. Thanks for sticking around. I trust you enjoyed it.

Credit: Adapted and revamped from Suli Breaks’ A Message from Suli Breaks.

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