Love Letter to an Angel (Response)

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love letter to an angel (response)

Hello everyone! I trust y’all are doing great. Today we are going to be looking at the response to the poem titled; Love Letter to an Angel. Let’s get right to it.

Love Letter to an Angel (Response)

I once received a response for a letter I sent to an angel

She told me it had fallen out of the bag of a very unpleasant postman

And the wind had carried it unto her porch

She said it’s words had flattered her to tears

She said she’d read it every day for the past six years

I asked six years? So why had it taken her too long to show up

She said she’d been shy

And as every day went by, she watched me grow more into a man

Who even she was not sure she was good enough for

She told me that she loved my every poem

and watched every time I stepped on stage

She said she hated watching me slave away for that minimum wage

But have faith in the Lord, she said as she winked, cas it will be worth it one day

love letter to an angel (response)

She said she’ll continue to read my letter daily

And that she was my biggest fan

But the only problem was my age

She didn’t date younger men

After all, she was like two millenniums older than me

But she still thought I was cute

And stopped to say one more thing before she flew away

But I already knew what she had to say

She pointed at my letter and said

“If a man truly wishes to fulfill his dreams,

reality can never get in the way”

Credit: Originally written and performed by Suli Breaks.

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