Love Letter to an Angel

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love letter to an angel

Hi everyone! How’s it going? Today, we are going to be looking at a poem titled; Love Letter to an Angel. Enjoy!

Love Letter to an Angel

I once wrote a love letter to an angel
Scribbled down my feelings and emotions on an A4 about a pageful
So when the postman asked for the address and told me
They didn’t deliver to heaven, it was painful
From that point on at a young age
I realized reality would always stand in the way of a man attempting
to fulfil his heart’s desires
And that the postman was a wanker
And that only a fool would believe in Santa
No man will give you something without expecting something back in return

Would you listen to my story if I told you I was just another black youth from the urban part of North London known as Wood Green
Where we’re still hanging from the same tree, by the same rope
I was a fool to believe them when they said I shouldn’t waste my vote
Last year I was the first and last time you see me put an x next to a party’s name
Because they increased tuition fees
Four kids died from stabbings last week
And apparently, Obama just buried Osama
Like I said, only a fool would believe in Santa

I write poems while working in a stockroom at work
On a phone which is supposed to be my locker
There is a possibility I could get fired before finishing this next line
I’m just like you, sitting behind a cashier, wondering what all these years of education amounted to
I know a doctor that is a cleaner
A lawyer who stacks bottles and an accountant that works in McDonalds
Didn’t you strive for that degree?
Wasn’t that piece of paper with a number supposed to change your life?
The irony of what I just said made me laugh twice
Because a clever man will tell you money is the root of all evil,
But a wise man will tell you that money was created by people,
And my mum will say: “Money can’t by you happiness, but it can help“.

How would she react if she found I took my degree and ripped it up?
All the great men are no longer here to sit with us
So I drop knowledge on the streets and hope the youth pick it up
I never smoke weed, so who am I to disagree?
Spark one up and blaze away if that’s what sets you free
Because they will tell you that it’s Kosher
Then they attempt to dictate your life with a rota
I’m a product of a part-time shift in Sainsbury’s
twenty-hour shifts in Marks and Spencer

Full time at a construction site only to get home and find out the council has still turned off your lights
Twelve years in the school system, three years in a higher learning institution, 2 exclusions
Been young, black and sagging your jeans causing you lectures to draw conclusions

American dream street illusions
Uncles constantly asking to send them money via Western Unions
No degree, turning 23 and finding out life ain’t what you thought it would be
Admitting this to yourself awkwardly
Mental depression, government steering the economy straight into a reception
So now Lily can’t get a job even though she paid attention in every flipping lesson
“To be or not to be?”is an irrelevant question
“I think therefore, I am”
The world is a classroom and they want to put my people in detention
I feel like Black Jew in Nazi Germany
Under Idi Amin in Uganda

That’s my mental state living
in the slums of great Britain
That’s my mental state living
in the slums of great Britain
Great Britain
And it’s just like
And mama keeps questioning like

“son when are you going back to a university”
Mum, I said, I did it and it wasn’t for me

but son I see you struggling and it’s hurting me
but Mum I see you struggling and it’s hurting me

Credit: Originally written and performed by Suli Breaks.

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