One Major Accident I Had… Yeah, I did Fall Out a Bus (It was a Miracle!)

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Hello guys, what’s good‽ I pray all is well… So this article is an emotional one for me because it’s about a devastating accident I had last year. I hitherto can’t quite explain how GOD did it. Like, it’s that crazy! It’s a mystery! I got visits, calls, and all from loved ones, just sharing and sending their love. I also got to hear stories of people who died from such accidents. It was an absolute miracle.

The Accident!!

At the time, I shuffled staying between the Mainland and the Island, and as such, I had a routine, which required I leave the Island for the mainland every Wednesday, and get back every Friday, weekly you ask? Yeah, my itinerary was that crazy! I reside in Lagos, for those of you who hitherto don’t know. So yeah, commuting was a thing for me. It was literally a lifestyle!

Consequently, on a specific Wednesday, I leave the house on the Island for the Mainland, as I do. Did all of my morning rituals of course! The journey was going quite smooth until I joined a bus at CMS, headed for Mile2. …and yeah, I didn’t drive. The bus was scheduled to leave in a short while as I was third to last to join in. So we had two more passengers to come join us, after which we’ll leave. Some minutes after I got in, I had a premonition, a subtle nudging that joining the exact same bus I joined wasn’t a good idea, however, I ignored it.

Furthermore, I can’t quite recall vividly, nevertheless, I can vaguely articulate that I got the same exact nudging twice before we left the pack. Let me backtrack a little bit; while in the bus, at the pack, I felt a prompt to get off the bus. again, I shook it off because I was a bit in a hurry. And to think that of all places to sit, I sat closest to the door. Crazy yeah‽ IKR! Looking forward was a semi-dilapidated seat just in front of me. With my right hand, I reach for its headrest, grabbing onto it, I readjust my body to fit into the uncomfortable space, afterwards, I felt a minute ounce of comfort. I said to myself, “I can manage”. Not knowing I was setting myself up for a brutal fall.

We left the park in about 10 mins, after the usual driver/conductor-passenger shenanigans. As we drove, the bus ride was quite okay during the first few minutes. I put me onto some chill music with my earbuds plugged in my ears. The same view passing as a beloved and rewatched movie.

I was having a great time on the bus until the driver glitched his first, at least it seemed that way. I got a bit uncomfortable as the bus jerked. In hindsight, I recalled how I saw the driver, while at the pack, stuffing a few little greenish containers into the armrest close to his seat. The conductor, probably being a newbie, asks him through a mouthful of bread and beancake, akara, “na how much make I collect, na N300?“, The driver nodded as he gulped down some of the greenish weird-looking drink, after which he shovelled a bite of bread and beancake, akara, into his mouth.

After a while, when we started the journey, I noticed he wasn’t so stable. Not to say he was numb and dizzy, but he was far from functioning in normalcy. I paid no mind to that until he had his first noticeable glitch.


I started feeling really weird, from then on, we had the same issue about three to four times, by now everyone in the bus were already lamenting: some were just clamouring, others were hurling insults incessantly. Then I realised the nudging wasn’t my gut being a jerk but the HOLY SPIRIT trying to get me to listen to HIM. “I shouldn’t have ignored”, I said to myself.

After a while, the pandemonium stopped. We got to a certain stop-bus where there were a few louts, abegoros. The place seemed like a den of miscreants. They advanced toward our bus. The conductor and driver of our bus already communicated they won’t be giving out no money to them. This I heard vaguely because I still had my earplugs in my ears, actually, I had taken off one. I did when I got uncomfortable with the driver’s reckless driving. so I had just one of the earplugs in my ear.

So in a bid to manoeuvre, just so they lose our bus, the driver made a quick turn. It was quite sharp and sudden. No one saw it coming. The conductor had to jump down the bus because of how fast the driver made the turn. Two passengers almost fell out the bus. At this time, I was already out the bus, on the ground of the express road, not just that, but in motion. Apparently, the pressure from the quick turn pulled me out the bus. I couldn’t explain how it all happened. It happened in the blink of an eye. It all started and ended in a flash. I couldn’t quite stop me from moving, obviously because of the force from the quick turn.

I stood up the instant I stopped moving and looked toward the direction of the bus. As I did, I saw several people running toward me. On getting to me, they mentioned they never believed I could get up based off what they saw play out.

Amidst them was a policeman, he told me to sit, I refused at first, but he insisted. He asked how I felt, I’m fine, I replied. I was truly fine at the moment. After a while, I noticed my palm was bleeding, one of my eyes was quite swollen as I probably landed, hitting that part on the express road, falling out the bus. Also, my jean got torn, with patches from the friction between my jean and the rough ground, leaving bruises on my legs.

Long story cut short, I got quite a lot of sorries from everyone at the scene, the policeman made sure the bus driver paid for my treatment, it wasn’t enough but I was thankful for protection. I still am and will forever be. I’m totally fine now! Healing is permanent! That was GOD! Yeah, only HIM can do such! One salient lesson though is; be sure to always be sensitive to, and obey the promptings of the HOLY SPIRIT. It’ll help curb a whole lot. Like one veracious quote goes “prevention is better than cure”.

Anyway, I had to condense the story into a short read so I don’t bore you guys. Thanks for reading. Feel free to write down your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to read them.

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