School vs Education. 1.4.

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school vs education

Hello, y’all! How’s it hanging at your end Still on school vs education. Let’s pick it up where we left off.

P.S: If you haven’t read the prequels, pls do. There’s a link to them at the bottom of this page.

Anyway, let’s get right to it.

School vs Education (Continuance)

We need to open our minds,

but how can we be taught to see

if the blind lead the blind

The first person to develop

significant eye surgery was a black woman

named Dr. Patricia E Bath.

Now, on that note,

there’s a question I must ask.

If this is a great opportunity to learn

and be engaged about our past,

why are we not actually being taught about our past?

Transatlantic Slavery where we are taught

Black History starts,

but is it really?

There seems to be a lot you haven’t told us,

and you shut down,

and hold back on the bold ones

who stand against the way you are trying to mould us.

Consistent enemy of progress!

You are surprised because I know things

you don’t expect me to know yet.

And when I tell you you are wrong

for telling me things about me,

you call it a riot while I call it a protest.

school vs education

The Broadwater Farm Riots,

The media exacerbates and make it seem like

it’s a bunch of delinquent youths on the streets.

When really, the first causing trigger

was death at the hands of the police.

We cease to know information

and the truth,

and that’s simply because

you withhold information from the youths.

Maybe, maybe one day,

we’ll be satisfied with how our knowledge of history equates.

Well, I’m sure like me,

y’all are waiting for the teacher to fill in that space. (Referring to the class)

So do so then… (Looking at the teacher, waiting for an answer from her)

Uhm… No answer.

Well, maybe I can help

and just throw out there some names..

We’ll stop here today to pick it up where we left off in the next sequel. Hopefully, a light bulb went off reading this.

Credit: Originally written and performed by Samuel King.

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