School vs Education. 1.5 (Finale)

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school vs education

Hello, everyone! How’s it hanging at your end Still on school vs education. Let’s pick it up where we left off.

P.S: If you haven’t read the prequels, pls do. There’s a link to them at the bottom of this page.

Anyway, let’s get right to it.

School vs Education (Continuance)

Well, maybe I can help

and just throw out there some names;

Mary Seacole, a Crimean war nurse,

Mary prince, a black female author,

to be precise, she was the first,

Bernie Grant, influential local activist and respected MP.

Trevor McDonald, one of the first black

ITN journalists to hit the TV screen,

Jamal Edwards and SBTV,

and when Fuse ODG broght the Azonto dance to the UK

and my foot swayed to the left and to the right

like the wipers of a car’s windscreen,

and DJ Abrante brought Afrobeats to the streets.

See, it’s funny when we think of our childhood memories;

a man who was actually funny, Lenny Henry.

Many others and the list continues;

Marcus Garvey, Haile Selassie, Bob Marley, Ignatius Sancho,

Tupac, Fela Kuti, Muhammed Ali, Maya Angelou RIP,

Kwame Nkruma, the first Ghanian President

who retained independence from England,

the Windrush ship which brought Caribbeans to Britain.

So much to learn in just one month,

a tip of the iceberg, a tiny grace.

And what was the first black Roman emperor’s name?

Years passed and we are still caught up in the same Civil Rights age,

which isn’t bad if we learn something new,

but we don’t!

And we are not being taught enough about our culture,

so there’s no one else to blame but you,

and if you are not, then who?

Questions, questions, questions.

If you are not teaching us these things,

then I’m inclined to believe it’s because you don’t know.


You are the teacher, your job is to teach, so you must know.

And if you do,
that must mean you don’t want us to know,
but that’s low.
If the information is accessible for our knowledge of our culture to grow,
then why on earth wouldn’t you want to let us know?
why are you focused so heavily on the influential
but very few men and women who made things happen for us?
why are my people being highlighted for a predominantly negative past?
Why do I know the things you don’t
and I am not the teacher, you are?
Why are you focused on our negative past
but not our bright future?
Students via paper passes a message around saying “he makes a good point”.
Why are you not abreast with the great young things
that young people are doing in this world?
Why are young people’s trademarks in stereotypes;
gang culture and young pregnant girls?
Why are young people not being given the time of day?
And his name was Septimius Severus, by the way.
I’m sure as a student, the code of conduct has been breached.
So I’ll stop here and let you do your job.
So teach!
We have now come to the end of the series on school vs education. There is no doubt that the current school system is quite outdated, toxic, and 80% opposed to education. Thanks for sticking through to the end. Hopefully, a light bulb went off reading this.

Piece Credit: Originally written and performed by Samuel King.

Piece Title: What I wasn’t Taught in School.

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