Agape Dimension Logo Design Project

Logo Design

Agape Dimension Logo Design

As the word ‘Agape’ connotes, the organization is centered around love. Agape Dimension is a charity organization, established to assist the needy and mostly orphans. They also engage in soul winning and strongly believe in the ‘catch them young phrase’. Sponsored by selfless individuals, the foundation is non-profit. Their love for people is a major motivation for every activity they carry out.

Located in Lagos, Nigeria, they tend to travel around the country to visit certain targeted locations. It is actually another way of expanding their generosity. They also visit primary and secondary schools around Nigeria and supply them with basic needs such as sanitary pads, tooth paste and the likes.

Furthermore, they visit these schools to share the word of God and encourage them to be continually steadfast in Christ. The gifts are just motivation to promote the message delivered.

In order to properly explain what the foundation promotes, the Agape Dimension logo design was crafted to cover three basic themes. That is to say, the whole concept is centered around love, care and motivation.

Project Summary

Right at the background, you can picture an image, showing a smile that gives hope. In addition, Aggital included a guardian figure (that represents the foundation), protecting two children. The illustration shows a selfless organization, pulling resources together to satisfy those who lack.

Equally, the logo design came along with some challenges that we eventually found a way to overcome. Our in depth research analysis as well as understanding of the foundation’s purpose made the job easier.

To sum it up, the end result came off as very illustrative and iconic Agape Foundation logo design. Agape Dimensions valued the design in the long run, which was only natural. So, working with a foundation that impacts lives positively was actually a great honor on Aggital’s part.

What we did

  • Concept
  • Design Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Mocks