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Hello everyone, I trust y’all are doing great. So today’s article is about the just concluded All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential primaries. It was indeed a hard one for the other candidates, because, I mean, a hundred million naira ain’t no joke to just throw away like that… Course, you know what I mean! However, it was quite a huge win for the former governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Lately, I’ve heard a number of people say they were racked with pain on getting the news report on the APC presidential primaries. Most people say Tinubu infuriates them and as such, they get irritated just hearing his name, others say he is a pain in the butt. I saw a sarcastic post on Twitter not long ago thanking Tinubu for his contribution of 74 million Naira toward the recent massacre, The post read “God bless Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his generous donation of 75million to the families of Owo massacre victims, VOTE PETER OBI FOR PRESIDENT.” How sardonic! Lol… such snide comment1

However, while Tinubu isn’t as much loved by a vast majority the Nigerian citizens, there are those who are staunch supporters of his cause and are ready to die for him. On the contrary, Oluyemi Oluleke Osinbajo who is the current Vice President of Nigeria, compared to Tinubu has enjoyed more acceptance and reverence from the masses.

I’ve heard a number of people say they believe one of the strategies Tinubu employed that aided his win was him, having to buy off some of the candidates; this means all aspirants who withdrew their bid in support of their political ally were paid off. Some people go further to say the aspirants who withdrew were there in the first place because Tinubu bought them each the required ticket seeing they are not buoyant enough to purchase it of their own volition. Of course, there is not enough strong evidence for both such claims and as such, it is just mere speculation. However, this is what has been on the lips of a number of Nigerians.

I heard how Tinubu sarcastically made fun of the major opposing party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). stating that they should step aside and be ready to be buried come 2023. In Jagaban’s words:

“We will roar! We will do it! The Poverty Development Party (PDP), should step aside, be ready to be buried and leave our country for us to rebuild for our children.”

Mahn! such snide comment he made at PDP, nonetheless, I think that’s a strong message to them.

Furthermore, he stated:

“We will eliminate them, they depleted our resources for 16years. They are agents of poverty, terror, violence and lies. They are retrogressive. They left us with hunger, PDP don’t know arithmetic. Join me to defeat them come 2023.

tinubu, apc

A Few Key Takeaways From Tinubu’s Victory Speech

After the former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu defeated 13 other aspirants to emerge the “conquistador” of the party at the Special National Convention of the party in Abuja with a total vote of 1,271, he gave a victory speech from which a few key takeaways are:

  • We will dare reform our national economy such that prosperity grows as poverty vanishes.
  • We will muster our collective strength to conquer terrorism, kidnapping, and violent evil of any form.
  • We will dare provide meaningful education and jobs for our youths so that they may strive for a better future.
  • We will construct a society where the vulnerable, the weak, the disadvantaged, and the elderly are attended to and loved.
  • We will feed our nation and provide the farmer with a solid income for his soil.

The full speech reads:

We have been at historic Eagle Square for many hours such that day has turned into night and night back into day.

Because of your democratic exertion, this convention shall be recorded as a shining moment in the evolution of our party and the life of our nation.

I must thank you all for making me the standard-bearer of our progressive party. And I humbly accept the nomination of this convention to be the presidential candidate of our enlightened, humanitarian and great party, the All Progressives Congress.

I also offer my sincere gratitude to President Buhari for his calm and prudent leadership throughout this process. I thank him, also, for his steadfast determination to ensure a level playing field and a free and fair primary process for every aspirant. Without him, I would not be standing here today as the new flagbearer of Nigeria’s party.

I thank the governors for their invaluable contribution to internal democracy and unity.

I commend the party leadership and organizers for the conduct of a successful convention.

Thank you, the delegates, for the confidence you have shown in me. I will prove that your choice was a wise one. You have moved our party and country towards its best future. On your mandate, I shall stand.

I commend my fellow aspirants. It is a difficult thing to run for president. The stiff and bold competition you offered made our party stronger and made me better. I must say a special word of thanks to the seven aspirants [Alhaji Badaru Abubakar; Sen.; Ibikunle Amosun; Sen. Ajayi Borrofice; Rt. Hon. Dimeji Bankole; Sen. Godswill Akpabio; Dr. Kayode Fayemi; and Barr.(Mrs.) Uju Kennedy] who chose to step down their personal ambitions for the good of the party and the unity of our purpose.

The competition is now over.

Those who did not support me, you have nothing to fear. I hold no grudges or grievances.

Let us each agree to join hands in defeating the PDP and beating back our common foes of poverty, terror and violence. We now have a date with destiny in February 2023. Let us win so Nigeria can become the nation it is intended to be.

To my campaign team and close advisors. Your dedication, long hours, and sound advice have brought me to this point.

I thank my beautiful wife, Oluremi, for her patience and wise counsel. Thank you for standing by my side. I am indeed a fortunate man.

Now, permit me to address the nation.

Yes, we face serious problems. But I believe that we have it within us to reach our finest destiny. With help from God, we shall make this nation better for the generations to come.

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