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horror movies

Hello people! I trust y’all are doing great! All horror-movie lovers and dark-movie freaks? Where y’all at‽ Because like you already guessed correctly, today’s blog post is about horror movies. We are going to be taking a lil delve into horror movies. It’s going to be an interesting one, so be sure to stick around until the end.

Horrific Movies

Horror or horror movies are movies under the genre, “horror”, that seeks to evoke or trigger several emotions like terror, panic, fright, unrest, horror and the likes in the mind of the audience for the purpose of entertainment. They are sometimes also called horror flicks, macabre flicks, scary movies, chillers and spookfests. A number of people go as far as saying it seeks to instil fear in the people watching. whilst that’s not entirely true, that is also not entirely false.

Horror movies quite oft-times explore dark topics, as well as transgressive themes.

Broad elements include; folk or religious beliefs, monsters, apocalyptic events and so on. It’s on record that cinematic techniques used in horror movies have been proven to provoke psychological reactions in an audience.

The term “horror” was coined from the Old French word “orror“,which meant to palpitate or to shudder. Horror filmmaking has its origins in religions across the world, local folktales, and history. It’s quite a universal genre. One of the reasons being, every culture has its scary stories and fears. These elements are meant to exploit the audience and engage them with the possibility of death and pain.

Most imperatively, to be a true horror project, your story should deal with the supernatural. Death, evil, powers, creatures, the afterlife, witchcraft, and other diabolical and inexplicable happenings must be at the story’s centre. Mysticism has to be integrated as the focal aspect or theme.

There is some debate as to whether this stuff needs to be supernatural to divide horror from thriller, but we will let you work that out in the comments.

Horror movies have been around for more than a century. Early inspirations or stimulants that precedes the development of movies majorly include folklore, religious beliefs and superstitions of different cultures, and the Gothic and horror literature of authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley. From origins in silent movies and German Expressionism. Horror only became a codified genre after the release of Dracula in 1931.

A number of sub-genres emerged in subsequent decades, including body horror, comedy horror, slasher movies, supernatural horror, and psychological horror. The genre has been produced worldwide, varying in content and style between regions. Horror is particularly prominent in the cinema of Japan, Italy and Thailand, amidst other countries.

Despite being the subject of social and legal controversy due to their subject matter, some horror movies and franchises have gotten great popularity, immense acceptance, seen major commercial success, influenced society, and spawned several popular culture icons.

horror movies

Furthermore, the origins of horror as a movie genre began with, as with many things in the history of cinema, the works of George Mellies. A few years after the first filmmakers arose in the mid-1890s, George Mellies came up with what is widely believed to be the first-ever ‘horror’ movie in 1898, complete with cauldrons, animated skeletons, ghosts, transforming bats, and ultimately, an incarnation of the Devil.

While not intended to be scary, more remarkable, as was Mellies’ MO—it was the first example of a movie, only just rediscovered in 1977,to include the supernatural and set a precedent for what was to come.

Through the years, horror movies had undergone a few significant changes which are, in essence, pertinent to what we have today. These changes can be categorized into periods or ages. A highlight of these will be:

  • The Literal Years/Periods.
  • The Golden Ages/Periods.
  • The Atomic Years/Periods.
  • The Gimmicky Years/Periods.
  • The Age All Hell Broke Loose.
  • The Slasher Years/Periods.
  • The Doldrums.

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Also, a crucial part of movies is music. Itis considered a vital element. InMusic in the Horror Film(2010), Lerner writes “music in horror film frequently makes us feel threatened and uncomfortable”. This aids intensity of the atmosphere, created in imagery and themes.

Dissonance,atonalityand experiments withtimbreare typical characteristics used bycomposersin music for horror movies.

In conclusion, you will agree with me that such movies are quite entertaining, even to the extent that they get you engrossed in them and keep you glued to your screen. Well, a number of people say such movies are entertaining but quite unhealthy, and as such, they begrudge it, others say it’s not so bad and can be described as healthy. What are your thoughts? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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