Feminism… Thoughts! 0.2.

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feminism 0.2

Hello guys, I trust everyone’s day is going as planned. We are still on the subject of Feminism. In the previous article, we saw the first wave of feminism and how it all started. In this article, we’ll pick it up from where we left off!

The French Revolution

feminism 0.2

The Abolitionist Movement

In the early 19th century, much of the African American population in the United States was enslaved. With the first group of enslaved Africans arriving in the early 1600s, African American men and women had been battling for freedom and citizenship for centuries. Their joint activism was the foundation of the abolitionist movement that pushed for the end of slavery.

We’ll stop here for the now, and continue in our next article. It’s a series remember! If you haven’t read the first article on feminism, do click on here.

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