My Experience with the Bigo Live App

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Hello, everyone! How’s it hanging at your end? I trust, great. Today’s blog post is about my experience with the Bigo Live App. Anyone heard of the Bigo Live App? For those who don’t quite know what the Bigo Live App is, it is a live streaming platform owned by Singapore-based Bigo Technology, founded in 2014 by David Li and Jason Hu. As of 2019, Bigo Technology is owned by JOYY, a Chinese company listed on the NASDAQ.

In simple terms, Bigo Live is a free live-streaming app where users share their desired activities with their online audience. There are a few limitations to using the app. However, it’s a cool, fun app that also allows its users make money.

How I Got to Hear of Bigo Live

After a long nap on a sunny afternoon, I decided to go see an old friend. We had scheduled a music meeting to be held at his apartment (in hindsight). Still dizzy, I gaze at my phone to see what time it is, with a great smirk, 12:03 pm stared at me, discovering I was almost late, I hurriedly jumped off the bed, dashed into the bathroom, did about 5mins of washing, creaming, combing and whatnot. I grab my bass guitar and left my apartment for my Estate gate.

Getting to my Estate gate, still light-headed, I got a motorbike the fastest way I could, slung the right strap of my bass guitar around my right shoulder, putting my left hand through the other strap, and hopped on the motorbike. Considering how unhealthy Lagos traffic can be, I couldn’t deal… After a quick negotiation, we zoomed off!

As we rode, the roads shimmered in the heat of the midday sun as the sunlit skyscrapers pierced the hot, blue sky. Specks of dust seemed to pirouette in the shaft of the afternoon sunlight that leaned through the motorbike and all over us.

We finally get to my destination, I alight and pay the bike man. I get into my friend’s apartment, we exchange pleasantries; after which he mentions an app he’s been on. I got curious and asked what the name was, guess what?It was Bigo. He told me a lot about it, from how fun it is to how cool it is, as well as the interesting part that he’s made some cool money while streaming… All of the intricacies and stuff.

After our short confab and music moment, I left his apartment pretty interested in the Bigo thingy. On getting home, I went online to glean all possible info I could, I got a couple that could help me begin making money on Bigo Live, however, I didn’t start until about a week or less.

I Became a Bigo Live Host

Part of my peccadilloes is having to do things by impulse. I just don’t quite like sitting on pins and needles, waiting on someone to get stuff done that I probably can on my own (Working on it though!). Anyway, I intended to wait a while longer on my friend, he was gon refer me to an agent who was gon get me signed up. before getting started as a host on the app, but I jinxed it.

I became overly excited and got on the app by myself, did all of the necessary registrations, and became a host. As a result, I missed out on leveraging a few gifts as a novice. My agent was quite nice. She personally took the time to walk me through all of the nuances as to Bigo and hosting. This excluded the general orientation that should be held by an agency for their hosts. After this, I started my journey as a Bigo Live host.

My Journey as a Bigo Live Host

My first and second week as a host was quite enjoyable, as I got to meet new friends while learning the various features of the app; functioning the diverse panels, gifting friends, receiving and calculating received gifts, and whatnot… Just learning to utilize the app generally. However, things started getting heated by the third week as the pressure to meet the month’s target kicked in. I had to put in more effort… I did twice as much as I was doing during the first and second week.

I was able to meet half my target. It turned out my third week as an official host on Bigo Live wasn’t so bad after all. The fourth week was crazy challenging as things became more intense. I had to start streaming even more frequently. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet my target.

P.S: There’s a principle on Bigo Live that goes, if you fail to meet your target twice, consecuetively, you’ll be stripped of your host badge.

My second month was quite crazy as well, nevertheless, there was light at the end of the tunnel as I got help from my agent… I made it through that month on the app after which I resolved to leave the app as an official host… Thinking of the stress: staying online for hours, having conversations you don’t really want to have, staying awake for the most part of the night just to get gifters/helpers. Gifters/helpers are Bigo Live users who dedicate their accounts for the sole purpose of giving out gifts, they aren’t on the app to make money.

Speaking of gifters/helpers, during my second month, I met a few ladies (most of which were slightly elderly, say in their early-late 40s) who wanted a hook-up as a prerequisite for their gifts. They stated they were gon help meet my target in no time if I agreed to their terms. How ludicrous! Part of the reasons I left the app.

The app is cool but it’s being abused by a whole world of people in several spectrums and as such, this has denigrated the reputation of the app, as well as made it somewhat toxic. The app ain’t so great a place for Christians… Especially if you are susceptible to or struggle with sexual sin.

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