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BIS Consulting Website Development

BIS Consulting Website

BIS Consulting Website Development

BIS Consulting is a young and innovative consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom. They provide strategic management and technology consultancy services to organisations wishing to gain competitive advantage and consumer retention via the use of technology, process improvement and optimization.

It should be noted that BIS Consulting Limited is also known as Business Information Systems Consulting Limited with the acronym BISC.

Consequently, with vast knowledge on the implementation and delivery of enterprise business systems and solutions, the company helps to make sense of business and technological innovations. Also, they work with your organisation to see how you can benefit from them.

One of their strong belifs is that their trusted strategy will produce sound and sustainable business solutions for every facet of your business operations, right down to the smallest detail.

Similarly, BIS Consulting offers management and technology consulting services including the development of bespoke business solutions to meet your business needs.

In addition, the core focus of BIS Consulting is to deliver business value to your organisation by ensuring that the needs of your business drives the development of your business systems. They also ensure that the implementation and delivery of your business system is accompanied by the necessary business change and transformation.

As a vital part of the company’s mission statement, they provide cost effective professional services to all of their clients. It is guaranteed that their services will impact positively on each client’s business in a measurable manner. Hence, boosting the bottom-line regardless of size and market segmentation.

Furthermore, as a full-service IT consulting firm, Business Information Systems Consulting Limited offers the following services:

Requirement Engineering Services

Business Process Re-Engineering Services

Product Design and Delivery

Business Intelligence Services

Quality Assurance and Control Services

Project Management

Capacity Enhancement and Training

Change Management

Project Summary

According to Von R. Glitschka, we listen to our clients, take into consideration all of their input, weigh the options, study the details, know the target audience, and then, if necessary, ignore all of it and design what we think will work best.

I’m guessing this illustration sounds tricky. This is not to say that we do not not take our clients requests seriously, it simply means we offer our best service due to professional experience. So, Aggital tends to create the best website to suit the needs of the company.

In conclusion, the BIS Consulting website came out just as our client envisioned it. Though quite different from the brief we received, BIS Consulting values the website a great deal.

What we did

  • Design Guidelines
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Management System
  • Mobile Responsive Development
  • Technical Support