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Thick Qwins Empire Business Card

Logo Design

Thick Qwins Empire Business Card

In this age where lots of businesses exist and there’s host of designs and business cards flying around, you just have to join the trend and also, beat the trend.

We happen to meet people everyday and tend to increase our audience or customers through various means of communication. Chances are you could come across a client that would liberate your business in diverse ways you never imagined. As a result, you simply can and should not miss this opportunity to harvest.

So, when you eventually meet someone that could be a great prospect or connection, letting him or her walk away is definitely not in your plan. By all odds, you want that individual to have a positive first impression too. A memorable business card does a lot more than just pass on an email address or phone number.

Consequently, when you make a connection via your business card, you so do not want your brand associated with the word ‘inferior’. In addition, a unique card will actually fuel the conversation. At Aggital, we do not just scramble some cheap words and bind a tired brand on piled up pieces of paper.

Most of all, we want your brand affixed on a client’s heart and the business card helps fulfill that. In all, Aggital’s business card makes a memorable first impression.

Project Summary

Furthermore, Thick Qwins Empire just satisfies your every plus size needs and the business card we created will put a smile on every customers face. On receiving the piece, any customer just feels relaxed because they already have an idea of how classy and professional the company will be.

Considering the fact that it is located in a classy environment, Lekki precisely, the business card could not afford to disappoint. In conclusion, quite simple colors, purple and ‘Qwins’ gold was used for the business card design.

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