They are the modern alternative to the traditional burdensome of obtaining public performance licenses in compositions and masters. Being the first non-governmental affiliated entity in Nigeria to offer one-stop performing rights licensing hub means that they have to be innovative and efficient, but more importantly, make licensing simple. Their business model is to offer music users the opportunity to play their favorite songs and pay royalties for just the songs they played.
Their primary goals are;

  1. To develop an industry practice that achieves a financial balance between music owners and users.
  2. To advocate for a legal framework that ensures better protection for copyrighted works and its holders, particularly in the digital space.
  3. To afford music owners a fair return for their creative work.
    Advocate for the recognition of the music and its contribution to our culture and economy.
  4. Ensure the right holders are free to decide who can use their music and be able to place a value on their creativity.
  5. Ensure that users pay a fair sum for music.
  6. That compensation for content owners is transparent and just.

These are ways that they believe are fundamental to sustain and advance the music industry.

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Project Summary

Naturally, they wanted an identity that allows for good user interface. They contacted Aggital works and the two teams gave suggestions of possible designs and templates. After that meeting, we gave them a project questionnaire for easy reference, detailing and guidelines.
Meanwhile, that questionnaire helped us start the design and we followed every little detail we were given. Within a short frame, Aggital works had come up with a functional, user-friendly. The team loved the design. There were little or no changes and corrections to be made and the final results were amazing.

Our Approach

Design Brief & Research

We get to know our client and their business through a comprehensive questionnaire, then we conduct research focused on the industry, it's history and competitors.

Brainstorming & Sketching

We conceptualize ideas and make guided decisions on the possible design directions, then we sketch logo concepts around the brief and research.

Execution & Presentation

A promising logo design concept is selected, executed digitally, and presented in context of applications relevant to our clients.

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