Creamy’s Hair Website Design and Development

Creamy's Hair Website

Creamy's Hair Website Design and Development

Looking good is good business! Every lady just loves to look good, whether its your make-up, clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair, nails, or even your accent, the plan is to look and feel good any-day any-time. Eventually, even though your make-up isn’t catchy enough, you just have to pick a struggle from our ‘Looking Good’ category and you’re good to go. It’s that simple!

Judging by what we see all over social media today as well as in actual reality, sleek human hairs are running the beauty world. We all have our beautiful natural hair, but due to human nature, we just have to compliment our look and add more sauce.

Hence, the human weaves, extensions and the likes have to come into play. We couldn’t hold ourselves back from doing the ‘move over’ thing for synthetic hairs.

Creamy’s Hair is 100% into the hair business. They import the best of Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Cambodian hair, wigs, and a host of others you can think of. Our client is also involved in sales of hair treatments, hair brushes and everything that keeps your hair looking new. You should look up the Creamy’s Hair website to discover latest collections.

Consequently, right from a suburb of Lagos, they supply all these products in wholesale and retail. In addition, they engage in worldwide delivery and of course, a customer gets to pay for the package on delivery.

Project Summary

Aggital’s job was not quite easy on this specific project. The images appearing on Creamy’s Hair website are over a hundred. This includes the models as well as the products. We had to take photos of each model, showcasing the weaves and also edit the photos to suit the Creamy’s Hair website. Each of the naked hairs also had to be edited and showcased on the website.

To conclude with, we couldn’t just pick boring colors, Aggital made use of trendy color blends to suit the different hair colors that appear on the website. Therefore, the Creamy’s Hair website is very accessible and the functionality is awesome. Our client really appreciated the project and has offered us further opportunities in the business.

What we did

  • Design Guidelines
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Management System
  • Mobile Responsive Development
  • Photo Gallery Integration
  • Technical Support